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Hey here is my full 2299 comic in a more readable format, I feel like with the Robin Williams news it’s particular poignant and timely and I wanted to share the whole thing. 

2299 is full of awesome comics and it’s only $2 and all profits are going to the Heroes Initiative and it includes another Kyle Starks comic i did with Cool Bro Dylan Todd.  So, please, support your indie comic makers and get like 80 pages of goodness.  It’s available now on Gumroad.

Please, don’t let them break you.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams


One of the first comedy albums I was ever given was “Reality… What A Concept.” I loved it. I loved “Mork & Mindy.” I even loved Robert Altman’s “Popeye.” Robin Williams meant a lot to me when I was a kid. I knew nothing of drug use or depression. It never occurred to me that comedians, these…


"No good murder mystery can thrive solely on the strength of its mystery. After all, stories are about the journey more than the destination. With that in mind, She Died in Terrebonne works so well because writer Kevin Church and artist T.J. Kirsch focus so much attention on the main character and setting. This web comic (now collected in graphic novel format) focuses on a Japanese-American private detective named Sam Kimimura. Sam is hired to track down a missing girl, only for the investigation to morph into a murder mystery.

Sam alone is a compelling enough figure to make this comic worth a read. But coupled with the 1970’s setting and the way Kirsch takes full advantage of that setting in his artwork and design, She Died in Terrebonne emerges as a stylish and energetic addition to the genre."

- She Died In Terrebonne is featured on the same page as Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Moore and Ed Brubaker in this article on 9 Great Murder Mystery Comics at IGN. The follow-up, Hard Drive To Hell will be released very soon, but you can buy the original on Comixology or get a collection in book form from Amazon. (via agreeablecomics)

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By Kyle Starks

From 2299, Volume 1
A Sci-Fi Anthology of Transmissions From the Future
80+ pages of comics for $2. Available now on Gumroad.

So it looks like the first of my two stories is starting to roll out on the 2299comic tumblr.  Guys, seriously, all the benefits of this are going to the Heroes Initiative.  


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This is your payday reminder that I have a few copies for sale up on my store - for all you new followers (hey new followers!) I got good stuff.  Dudes are calling SEXCASTLE the best OGN of the year, sort of across the board.  The illustrious and magnificent Matt Fraction might have tweeted about it.

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Just a quick note to let you know that all proceeds from the digital comic — now available for purchase on Gumroad – are being donated to The Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comics creators in financial need. It’s a good cause and we thank you for your support in this. So if you’ve already bought the comic, thank you, sincerely. If you haven’t here’s a good reason to give it a shot.

You can’t have a future without a past.


Bill Murray as sad Professor X.

Scott Summers of Team Zissou, by Matt Digges.

And it begins.



Since I can’t think of a better way to put this:

Having a child who is sick is hard, so you can imagine that having to take care of a child with an intense disease like Friedreich’s Ataxia can be. Gracie-Law and her family are having a tough time. Amongst a dozen other setbacks, she is working hard to take care of her son who is suffering from this debilitating and rare disease. It’s certainly been putting a strain on the family and no amount of help from the government can cover all of the bills they have. 
VinylReviewProject and WabiSabiforRobots have been discussing the problems facing Gracie-Law for a while now and, with her approval, decided to start raising money for her. They went to friends and well-wishers, asking them to contribute tracks for a compilation to help support her. 
When you donate money to Gracie-Law, you’ll receive this compilation for free. All of the proceeds that we receive are going directly to Gracie-Law and none of the artists have received any compensation for their work. We have set the minimum contribution at $5, but we encourage you to give more. They could really use the help.
- "The Gracie Law Mixtape"

This is a really unique album and working on it has been a blast.  I’d be proud to be a part of it just for the sake of making something eclectic and cool but the fact that all of the proceeds go to the most excellent gracie-law and her family just puts it right over the top.
$5 gets you 15 awesome tracks.  Check it out.


I bought this today and it is radical, you should buy it.