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This is your payday reminder that I have a few copies for sale up on my store - for all you new followers (hey new followers!) I got good stuff.  Dudes are calling SEXCASTLE the best OGN of the year, sort of across the board.  The illustrious and magnificent Matt Fraction might have tweeted about it.

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Just a quick note to let you know that all proceeds from the digital comic — now available for purchase on Gumroad – are being donated to The Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comics creators in financial need. It’s a good cause and we thank you for your support in this. So if you’ve already bought the comic, thank you, sincerely. If you haven’t here’s a good reason to give it a shot.

You can’t have a future without a past.


Bill Murray as sad Professor X.

Scott Summers of Team Zissou, by Matt Digges.

And it begins.



Since I can’t think of a better way to put this:

Having a child who is sick is hard, so you can imagine that having to take care of a child with an intense disease like Friedreich’s Ataxia can be. Gracie-Law and her family are having a tough time. Amongst a dozen other setbacks, she is working hard to take care of her son who is suffering from this debilitating and rare disease. It’s certainly been putting a strain on the family and no amount of help from the government can cover all of the bills they have. 
VinylReviewProject and WabiSabiforRobots have been discussing the problems facing Gracie-Law for a while now and, with her approval, decided to start raising money for her. They went to friends and well-wishers, asking them to contribute tracks for a compilation to help support her. 
When you donate money to Gracie-Law, you’ll receive this compilation for free. All of the proceeds that we receive are going directly to Gracie-Law and none of the artists have received any compensation for their work. We have set the minimum contribution at $5, but we encourage you to give more. They could really use the help.
- "The Gracie Law Mixtape"

This is a really unique album and working on it has been a blast.  I’d be proud to be a part of it just for the sake of making something eclectic and cool but the fact that all of the proceeds go to the most excellent gracie-law and her family just puts it right over the top.
$5 gets you 15 awesome tracks.  Check it out.


I bought this today and it is radical, you should buy it. 

This is how I would wrap up the TWO WEEKS NOTICE trilogy: 
2 WEEKS 2 NOTICE: Sandra Bullock is in a zany but horrifying accident and has to have experimental surgery that leaves her essentially just a head. As she recovers,  she slowly realizes Hugh Grant has tricked her into working for him again. Can she escape his employ for a second time? Without the use of her body? Meanwhile, the snakes that live inside of Hugh Grant and operate him like a human skin puppet aren’t getting along. Can they put their differences aside long enough to save their business? Directed by Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena).
2WN: TOKYO DRIFT: Hugh Grant is kidnapped by a rival corporation while doing business in Japan. Sandra Bullock gets a second experimental surgery to become a car in order to rescue him. Can she do it before the kidnapper’s two week deadline is up? Bullock shines in a performance where she mostly communicates to the audience in honks and flashing headlights.
TWO WEEKS NOTICE ORIGINS: (ROBERT KLEIN’S CHARACTER’S NAME): In an experimental mix of documentary and narrative film, Robert Klein is horrified to discover those 200 HBO specials he’s done were actually televised.

Ooga chaka!
I did this new painting for the multiversitycomics Guardians of the Galaxy month-long art jam! All the pieces will be auctioned off at the end of the month to benefit Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon! Please take a look at this and all the other great art, and consider buying a piece for a worthy cause! (And kindly join me in matching the cost of your ticket to see the new movie as a donation to the Hero Initiative to go towards Mantlo’s healthcare costs.)
Guardians Month: JoJo Seames
Watercolor, 11x14 inchesJoJo Seames, 2014